Our story

I am Kayla. My life is full with my five beautiful children and my husband Wate (What-e), he does all the really big jobs and I am the head full of ideas. In 2018 I came up with the idea to create Kits for Kids. In August 2017 I had started Humble Homewares, an instagram run pre-loved home and decor business. It was so much fun, successful and we seemed to be selling a lot of the flower press, that we were making on the side. From this, something stirred in me, an idea and dream to produce more ways kids can get back to the old fashioned fun and adventure and the beauty found in nature, outdoors and simply playing. How quickly it went from an idea to a dream and now this reality!

Our kits, toys and resources are fun, educational, engaging. They are an experience, and create lifelong childhood memories. Our kits are far more than just a thing to have, keep or later discard. They are tools to take kids on the journey of reconnecting back to nature, adventure + play.

We are so happy to have you here to adventure and grow beside our growing business!

The family of the owner of Kits for Kids NZ

Wholesale enquiries

We are always on the lookout for stores to stock our products, if you think our products would look great on your shelves, get in touch!


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